A Story for Brother Abel

By Douglas L. Duncan

Chapter One

It was once a very lonely place for God in His first, and as yet, only heavenly realm at some distant epoch so far back it cannot be fathomed by the human mind. It will forever be a complete unknown as to just how long He existed there in an endless enigma of solitude… but I will weave you a child’s’ story of what eventually happens when an all-knowing Creator, or any other intelligent being experiences too much solitude for too long a time.

When He had finally been alone for so long that agitation and frustration set into his very being… it occurred to Him to create an endless sea of beings for company, having the same physical appearance as you and I, and having similar senses as us, like seeing, touching, hearing and speaking. And oh, my could they ever sing! These new beings He called angels.

Like everything God creates, He was very pleased with his new angels, but it was not too long after making them that He found himself still feeling strangely alone despite having all these wonderful new creatures surrounding Him. And even though He loved them very much, something decidedly was still not quite right, because He began noticing they were all just following Him about, moving in waves like a massive school of fish swimming as though they were a single living thing in the sea, and having been simply thought into existence, He soon realized that they did not have any past experiences or original thoughts and ideas to share with Him. Nor did they show any signs of wanting to learn more beyond the music they loved and were so proficient at.

For all the angels’ beauty that God bestowed upon them, the sum of their knowledge consisted only of their own unadventurous ‘in-the-moment’ interactions among themselves and the unanimous awareness that God had made them. They felt the compelling need to honor Him with their smiles and beautiful singing of eloquent compositions of praise, but there was never any need to search for Him or knock at His proverbial door, because He was already there with them all the time, and they knew that they knew that… so that was pretty much the limit of the angels company for God.

The creation of the angels was simply not enough. They were still coming up short of His need and longing for a deeper sharing of knowledge and concepts, and of feeling love at a personal ‘one on one’ level that could ultimately extinguish His longing for sharing His innermost thoughts both now and for all eternity.

And so, after yet another unknown epoch of unsatiated and racking loneliness passed by, along with further weighing of the angelic limitations versus the full criteria of what God really desired for companionship, He suddenly had His greatest of all epiphanies, and He excitedly addressed His three selves.

“I have it!… If we really want sentient beings that can uniquely love and loathe, be sorrowful and feel joy in varying degrees, interact and dialog with us, have genuine multi-faceted feelings and offer original concepts, then we need to create beings that are dangerously close to being fully like us, and have the ability to make their own choices, just as we do…”

“And now I’ve deduced what has been missing all along! What we must do, is create beings that have the same mental capacities that We have, with limitations on power and the ability to use all that capacity for now of course. They must realize that ‘they are that they are’… that they ‘exist in the now’… that they are ‘fully conscious of themselves and each other’, unlike our lesser life forms. They have to be frail and weak, yet have a will of their own to make decisions, to be able to think unique ideas and have enough creativity to bring those ideas to fruition, They need to have emotions like love, anger, joy, sadness, anguish, fear, empathy, and above all, they need to share this same feeling of frustration and loneliness we are still feeling!”

“What I propose this time is that we create beings with much closer parallels to the imaging and construct of our own minds. As to the intricacies of how they might appear in the visual sense, that is not nearly as important right now. It is the independence of thought, and ‘creative thought processing’ that we have no other option but to focus on and endow them with. Anything less and this loneliness is never going to end for us.”

“Of course, having such advanced attributes inevitably means these beings are going to make their own decisions as to whom they choose to love and acknowledge as a friend, and who they won’t. Which in turn means, we are going to end up painfully losing much of them from choosing to not be our friend, and if they despise us so, that they choose to not give us so much as their infinitesimal time of day, or worse yet, deny we even exist… well then, I am afraid I won’t be able to even look at them without becoming more upset than I already am with this infernal feeling of emptiness.

One thing is undeniably and excruciatingly certain with this plan as it must be executed, and that is the great loss of so many of my creation in order to finally attain a truly equal family to coexist with us; but I have thought it through for eons now and there is simply no shortcut or workaround for intelligent, harmonious compatibility with us. The inevitable loss to rejecting us gives me pause to ever create them, but this singular loneliness has become unbearable to me.

“These ones who shall breathe air and choose to turn from the beacon of light we shall provide to show the path here, and instead run away into the darkness, certainly cannot be permitted to step from temporal linear time, to eternally living right next to the few who do make the wiser choice to seek us, believing we exist without seeing before reaching our realm. Unfortunately, these ones will all have to be turned away as it is utterly unacceptable to have them here generating eternal chaos among those who love us. I cannot sanely coexist with dark behavior at my own door, and I simply won’t have it. I refuse to be the author of confusion and that is exactly what it would be to do anything less than separate the wheat from the chaff… and I’ll explain the wheat for food concept later.”

“By my careful calculations, the way it plays out now, we will have to reject over ninety-eight percent of every body-soul we create, which is going to be a terrible loss, and I am sorely perplexed for a real remedy to such a horrendous imbalance to the methodology of my proposal for beings devised to have so very much of our own characteristics. I must go and think upon all this for a time.”

Chapter Two

Later on, or about 1.2 billion earth orbits around its star:

“I was just over there at the ‘Creative Ideas Center’ working on something I call a giraffe when I inadvertently brushed my hand against the perfectly good pomegranate I created earlier this morning, causing it to roll off the bench onto the perfectly good solid gold floor. Slightly irritated with myself, having had the maintenance angels polish the floor just last night, I grudgingly bent over with a frown on my face to pick up the now badly bruised fruit (a thirty mile drop from benchtop to floor doesn’t give fruit a chance), and when I began to straighten up, my head hit right on the corner of the wood vise and that’s when it happened.”

“Eureka! I finally had the solution to my previous epiphany of creating beings who appear and cogitate as we do. I suppose you might call it an appendix epiphany to the original epiphany… or perhaps not… Whatever floats your ark, that’s what I always say. At any rate, I believe it is the perfect remedy to the problem of a relentless, much too high volume of lost souls with free will capability. That and I am completely exhausted trying to think of any other solution to my ‘lonely Creator’ issue.”
Naturally I am still going to have to work out all the little intricacies of the plan while I’m busy creating the physics of the humans’ temporal habitat by kick-starting it with the mother of all explosions, but on the face of it, it’s going to begin by comprising and merging a rather lengthy series of events along with multiple factors and elements, such as initially allowing everyone to fall out of good standing from the very beginning, evil, temptation, and then sending You down there later on Son to fix the subsequent mess. I’ll tell you more about that later… while you’re sitting down… with your feet up…

Finally, we’ll allow enough space-time to lapse in order to produce a vast sea of additional humans between when You get back here, and when We return, to complete the populating of them up here among their angel counterpart, and generally wind down the ongoing propagation of our semi-intelligent and wayward little life forms.

“I tell You what… I just traveled forward into man’s twenty-first century and retrieved some refreshment for us. Let us rest from our creative labors for now Son, and enjoy some of this unique Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Golan Heights Winery, and just sit back and listen to today’s concert by the Angelicas for a spell while I iron out some more of the finer details you’ll need to know later.

Here ya go… Have some of these excellent kippers I grabbed while I was there. They’re fresh Crasters from a little place called Northumberland… just caught this morning by Captain Matthew’s crew.

to be continued, forever…

Douglas L. Duncan


God Whistles While He works

Before getting into the whistling part, firstly I want to say that the Bible clearly reveals that God especially enjoys music, and this is fundamental to the crux of my story here. It should also be a given that even less than joyous lyrical music will still have interest for God, because both the mood set by the instrumentation, and the words being sung aloud can have the unique ability to reveal that man is sometimes voicing his trials, suffering, and cries for help directly to Him in powerful melodic form, and by so doing, is confessing aloud that he is in a seemingly hopeless situation that is beyond his ability to conquer alone.

So while many songs are certainly joyful, giving God pleasure, it is likely the songs of distress and hopelessness that are more apt to move God to have compassion and tell Him that the situation is desperate enough to put to music and sing with as much fervor as any intense prayer. In fact, music is prayer.

Any form of music sent up sincerely and purposely to God, will surely be listened to, for this is the most expressive type of language there is, and He is the author of it; and being the author of such a method of expressive and colorful communication, is what has led me to the rest of my story.

I’m now self-convinced that God does not work in total silence. He has a voice because we hear Him speaking throughout the Old Testament, and often quite loudly. Here then, is the story from my own surrealist mind about a Divine Creator who occasionally gets a little noisy when He’s busying about.

I got to thinking one day about God’s creative propensity, His surroundings and what He might have been doing long before He had created the angels. I’m still not sure why my mind went in that direction just then, but I do know I’ve never lost my intense childhood inquisitiveness, nor do I ever plan on losing it. At any rate, here I am alone, sitting out on the porch in the morning, gazing out across the tops of the trees while rocking back and forth with my fingers tapping out a rhythm on the arm of the rocker, and diving deeper and deeper into my thoughts, “Hmm, just what might He have actually been doing some of the time before the company of  angels came about I wonder?” I knew He was called the Alpha and always was, but the angels weren’t because they were first conceived in His mind, then created, so surely there had to have been an unknown interval of time when God was thinking and doing other things.”

“Wait a minute. This isn’t precisely what I want to know!” A rundown of the things He might be doing is all very intriguing, but really, it’s pretty much a given that He was undoubtedly forever doing a myriad of things involving masterly conception and creation, but since there are no records of what those things were, it’s a moot point. What I really want to know is just some aspect of how a perfect mind might focus and proceed with the task at hand, kind of like watching and learning a man’s daily routine from breakfast to bedtime sort of thing, and that just might be something that can very well be deduced using the Old Testament.

Granted the whole rocking chair musing exercise was little more than a Sherlock Holmes style deductive reasoning game based on a bit of Biblical reference with a huge bit of pure conjecture, and doubtless, way out there in left field, but that’s often how I relax, have fun and get my mind off of depressing things… like living in one room. Other people mow their lawns to do that, but not me. I have to be comfortably loafing. Besides, I don’t have a lawn anymore, and it’s no less constructive than making up jokes and one-liners for a book. Well, except for the royalties the book can return if anybody buys the thing.

So I began thinking all over again, but this time with the specific desire to envision God out in the field, putting in His next seven-day creation project. How does He carrying Himself about? In that same cloud that hovered over the tabernacle tent for forty years in the wilderness? How does He start His morning? Does He sit, stand or both when He works or does He continuously move about?

Then a really intriguing thought suddenly entered my mind. Does He talk to Himself or make other kinds of vocalizations when He has an epiphany or asks Himself whether there’s a better way of doing the thing He’s making? Yes, that’s it! That’s the question! What a concept! Does He talk, shout, laugh and even sing to Himself all the time? If He does, then I’ve stumbled onto an aspect of God I can really relate to.

I talk things out and sing to myself constantly when I’m alone. So if I’m made in God’s image, why wouldn’t He talk and sing to Himself as well? I always find that talking to another me, gets the bugs out of the project sooner and with much greater clarity. Talking to one’s self is a constructive thing. Having a mental handicap that causes strange verbalizing is not, and people who make fun of you for talking to yourself, need to learn the difference.

Now the obvious was entering my mind and all the lights came on. “Wait a second. God made the decision to populate heaven with angels for intelligent company and to be recognized as being their creator.” He thought out their makeup and endowed them with the specific talents and skills of His choosing. And what do we know from the Bible, to be one of the greatest talents that angels do so well, that would have made Him want to create them precisely the way He did? They sing! They started singing from the time they were created and they haven’t stopped since. Their singing is the most beautiful sound in existence. It’s the Heavenly Choir!

Within sixty minutes after stepping out onto the porch that morning, my rocking chair crossed the finish line. The Creator of music had always been making some sort of melodic compositions, either as a concept in His mind, or more likely, manifested as real audible music emanating from the very same voice that spoke to Moses and the prophets. And if God is singing with His own voice, then the strong probability is that like us, when we’re busy working, we drop back from singing to less focused humming and whistling mode.

There it was. A uniquely physical attribute that God undoubtedly has, that I as a music lover could relate to and have a daily pick-me-up affinity with right here on this temporal plane. Whether its accurate or not doesn’t matter. It falls into the realm of probability, and I can take that worked out rocking chair exercise and hold on to it as a calming thought just for me, on the same level as a memorable sunset by the ocean or that little wooden cross around your neck. Admittedly there is no other use for such thinking as this was, but imagination has always been useful to me as it gives me nearly as much pleasure in this life as music.

What I’ve done with this Sherlock deduction as a way to remind me that God loves music enough to be apt to hum or whistle sometimes, is turn it into a fun greeting whenever I meet someone new, so they always get an introduction of, “Hi there… Nice to meet you. My name is Doug, and I know something about God that you don’t”. And when they ask, “What?”, I reply, “He whistles while He works!” People always smile and laugh, but then God does that too… while He whistles of course. That’s my final word on the subject, and I’m sticking with it to the end.

Douglas L. Duncan