It Came From Outer Space

I am inclined to believe that what UFO encounterers are seeing is either the result of psychological issues or they’re very dark in origin. There is a pattern throughout man’s history, of entities (apt to be fallen angels) showing up as whatever the people of the time period envisioned in their collective minds, as well as strong sensory delusions without the need of deprivation, within their geographical location. Basically, these entities simply change the theme of their manifestations according to the era and geography that they themselves have been living through from the beginning. All the way back to being a serpent in a tree. It never stops.

Today we’re all high tech minded, Star Trek junkies looking up in the night skies for UFOs, so naturally they give us UFOs, and no doubt to the individual who left themselves wide open to it, they seem very real as well. It’s not so difficult to see. God’s word says that Lucifer is the ‘prince of the power of the air.’1 Ages ago, they would show up as deities like Aztec Gods descending from the skies. The Nazca civilization which thrived from around 100 to 800BC, also seemed to have encountered these strange visitors from above. No doubt they would immediately perceive them to be mighty gods, and when they left, the Nazcas’ got busy carving out mile-long images on the ground, which could only be seen from an aerial view, urging the visitors to return to them. I seriously doubt that they were aliens from other star systems, simply because as I explain in the next paragraph, you can’t get here from there… and vice versa.

An excellent book to read is Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men, by Hugh Ross.

You’ll soon discover, as the best astrophysicists and astronomers will tell you, that it would be impossible for even the most advanced alien civilization to get anywhere, no matter how fast they can travel. That, and if there were any real spaceships out there, they would have seen them from the constant observations by now… and they haven’t. It’s just too vast in space between suns with the rare exception of binary systems. Even at the speed of light or 186,000 miles per second., you couldn’t reach our nearest sister sun Alpha Centauri in less than 10 generations. Let alone across our galaxy in an endless sea of galaxies.

If you ask, what about the possibility of inter-dimensional travel, or slipping in and out of a portal from another realm, you’re probably getting a whole lot warmer. Fallen angels again, slipping in and out because they know how to cross from the first realm of Heaven to this created physical realm. The book of Job clearly shows Lucifer traversing this portal to chat with God2. He goes there to accuse the believers every chance he gets. Do you think he can’t make you see massive metallic objects that appear in the air, which he’s been made the prince of? This is called ‘Strong Delusion,’ and it’s not a problem for Lucifer or any of the angels.

He’ll manifest what your mind wants to see, and he’s gotten real good at it from thousands of years of practice. If the ancients wanted to see flying carpets, that’s what they got. And afterwards, they wrote some wonderful stories about flying carpets that you can find at your library or on Amazon Kindle. Opening up yourself to the unseen side of this world is bit analogous to what my Dad used to say to me… “If you look for trouble long enough, you’ll usually find some.” So if you want to see those UFOs hard enough… Any old demon happening along may just grant your wish, and they wont need Lucifer’s approval first. If that happens, you should seriously consider getting right with God… right now, because demons have now personally introduced themselves to you. And that’s not a good thing.

So your next question is, “What about the UFO sighters who aren’t looking for any trouble?” Well, the one’s not looking for trouble are much fewer first of all, and the few who do see them are likely to be chosen exactly because they have intelligence and a reputation of credibility, which would then lend credence to others, and help accomplish the demons end goal of taking minds away from God and His word. You may have noticed as I have from videos I’ve seen on television, that those individuals quit seeing them shortly after that first incident gains notoriety. The demons’ mission has been accomplished. Now on to the next project.

It can take billions of years, depending on the distance of a star, for some star’s lights to reach us, and a lot of them probably burned out millions of years ago. However, you don’t even know it because the light’s still traveling here. There just isn’t any real way to pull interplanetary travel off. One pebble-sized meteor would rip a ship in half… and the distances out there are much more staggering than the human mind can fathom.

Sure, God can have life elsewhere, but there simply isn’t any way that the laws of physics of the universe would ever allow any that life to reach us, or us to them. So once again, it’s right back to being ‘God’s business.’ Aliens would be stuck in their own backyard just like we are. Actually, because God likes to create, there’s an increased possibility that there are indeed life-giving planets, but they would likely be without the sentience that man has, with no need for redemption. For example, a water world of dolphin-like creatures or the like. This would simply be miraculous creations that God did for His own pleasure, but the Bible is clear, there was only one redemption. That leaves humans as the only beings in the physical realm, capable of being aware of both their own existence and the universe with the potential for it, through the creative hand of God. Any planet with other types of life would be severely bound to it.

If we wish to use Biblical reference, then we’re in all probability, the most unique species in the universe. If such is the case, then life elsewhere would simply be God creating lesser life because of His own propensity for creating, and you’ll probably only know more about it, all bye and bye.


1. And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience… Ephesians 2:2

2. Job: 2:1-2 On another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him. 2 And the Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?”

Satan answered the Lord, “From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”