Faith and Fear are Two Peas in a Pod

Is it really always a matter of ‘Faith verses Fear’? I don’t think so. I still remember as a young boy, the first time I stood on the end of the high diving board at my neighborhood swimming pool. After staring down at the water below for several moments, I turned around and forced the entire line of people behind me to climb back down the ladder so I could go back to the shallow end for awhile, and muster up a lot more courage. I was afraid as I stood way up there, but at the same time I knew I had enough faith in myself to ultimately take that first plunge.

I would venture that the same thing will be true when I have to go through that final door in life. It’s fear of the unknown, and all the faith in the world, wont stop the head rush, of that final breath, anymore than the rush of dropping off the top of the roller coaster does… simply because you’re leaving the safety of the ‘Known’ goodbye.

The reality is that faith and fear are really just brother and sister. You can have loads of faith in yourself, others and God, but if you have absolutely no fear in your mind, even when danger is possible or likely… then there’s a distinct possibility you’ve got a screw loose.

All mentally healthy people have what is called, The Fight or Flight instinct, which God Himself put there for us, and the longer you live, and the wiser you become, the more you come to lean on that very attribute for sound guidance.

If you’re on safari for your next vacation, and one afternoon a ferocious lion is charging straight at you, and your friend who saw it coming way off in the distance is already high up in the tree, holding a vine for you, are you going grab hold of it and be pulled to safety, or are you going to stand there and say, “OH, nice kitty kitty. I’ll bet it’s one of Jesus’s pet lions. You know, the one that’s always laying next to that lamb all the time.”?

Even if your a Christian… should you choose the latter, it’s probably already too late, but you seriously need to seek some counseling, because the part of that brain that God gave you, appears to be malfunctioning.

Jesus had faith and fear simultaneously. In spite of His perfect faith, He had grown quite accustom to the sensory experiences of physical life, and if you don’t think He was also one very frightened man the night before His crucifixion, you are most mistaken. The fact is, He was sweating blood from His forehead He was so frightened, and that’s called hematidrosis, which occurs in battle, when a person is suffering extreme levels of stress, and acknowledges imminent death is at hand.

Read again what He said on that fateful night, as He fervently prayed while waiting the inevitable;

Father, if you are willing, please don’t make me drink from this cup (fear). But do what you want (faith), not what I want.”

Luke 22:42

And that right there is ‘Fear’ and ‘Faith’ at the same time.